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From fancy dresses to classic outfits, kids of today aren’t far behind adults in dressing up. However, the drop in temperature may cause a drop in the dressing style. But, we don’t want that to happen. Hence, we have come up with a product range that will allow your kids to continue the fun and frolic while playing outside.


We are Global Knitwear, a one-stop destination for premium children’s apparel. We are a leading kids sweatshirts supplier in the USA. Quality and trendy products are our hallmarks and we strive to achieve excellence in all aspects.


As a renowned kids’ sweatshirts manufacturer in the USA, we believe in superior grade winter apparel for babies and kids. Our collection boasts elite sweatshirts and sweatpants for trend-conscious children and adorable newborns.


Let’s go ahead and showcase what we have in store for your little ones: 


High on quality and low on budget


We are proud to establish a dedicated manufacturing hub that supplies world-class children’s apparel at jaw-dropping prices.


We design products according to the needs of your kids. With cutting-edge machinery, we manufacture, and design styles that resonate with the trend. So, you can always bet big on the durability and comfort level of the products.


Let kids wear the happier trend


Never let your kids run out of style. Let them be free and be on top of the world. From vibrant prints to classy patterns, and silhouettes, we have got your child covered.


For newborns, extra care has been taken in terms of fabric and quality. The sweatshirts and sweatpants hug their body for enhanced coziness and warmth so that they stay comfortable throughout the day.


It’s time to finally take your little one on a wonderful journey. Surprise them today with a matching pair and let style be a part of their personality.

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