Fire Fighter

A fire staff often faces several hazards and challenges. Your fire staff needs to be protected from these risks as human life is invaluable. Global Knitwear emphasizes the need for high-quality and durable firefighter clothing for enhanced security.

Global Knitwear has established its presence as a leading firefighter uniform manufacturer in the USA.

As a popular firefighter uniform supplier in the USA, we believe in premium products that conform to numerous industry standards. All the suits are made of superior-grade nomex or kevlar. This apparel is fire-resistant and comfortable to the highest degree.

Here’s a glance at our premium collection for your firefighter’s team:

Quality beyond everything else

At Global Knitwear, we believe every product has value in terms of money, utility, quality, and durability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with automated cutting-edge technology for seamless production.

Apart from this, our custom bunker wear ensures you are ready for a perfect fit. Each part of the garment is designed for comfort and withstanding extreme temperature conditions.

When the Fire Ignites the Spirits

Yes, you read that right! Our elite collection of uniforms for firefighters include basic tunics, wet weather clothing, bushfire jackets, high safety vests, and a host of others. In addition to that, we offer overtrousers equipped with two layers of fabric for temperature resistance and thermal stability.

We have got your company covered from head to toe. Whether it is your frontline commander or the people at the supervisory level, we have fire outfits for all.

Go ahead and gird your loins for the next firefighting mission.

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