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The medical staff of a hospital has a great responsibility. From doctors to nurses and ward boys, each one has a specialized duty to fulfill. The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has further aggravated the situation. For all the dedicated medical staff out there, we have an arsenal of clothing to meet your professional needs.

Global Knitwear is a popular hospital uniform manufacturer in the USA. We believe in producing world-class apparel for the hospital staff that is busy taking care of patients.

We have also established our presence as a trusted hospital uniform supplier in the USA. Our elite collection of hospital uniforms is the ideal choice for doctors, nurses, and warden boys alike in everyday needs.

Let’s have a glance at the salient features:

Fusion of quality and comfort

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units are constantly engaged in the production of medical uniforms or scrubs. The current global situation demands the highest levels of safety protocols. We have a dedicated design team that works on custom hospital clothing. The team ensures that each product conforms to safety guidelines and quality parameters. In addition to that, we use the finest raw materials that add to the aesthetic element and durability.

Outfits for a noble cause

Global Knitwear emphasizes one ideal that collectively fulfills the requirements of most doctors and nurses. These are the staff that works relentlessly to treat the patients and discharge them with overall well-being. We have crafted premium and durable doctors’ lab coats, OT uniforms, nurse and ward boy trousers & tunics. These will enable them to perform their duties effectively and diligently.

We are delighted to include patient uniforms, housekeeping outfits, and even reception uniforms in our portfolio.

Made with premium fabrics, these outfits will stand the test of time, durability and save the day.

Get ready to begin this noble journey today. Grab your desired gear or outfit and become a savior!

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