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Are you worrying about deadlines, office meetings, and all that routine stuff! Relax, because you need to take a break from the hectic schedule and sit on the couch. After your work is complete, go home and enhance your life.


We will tell you what exactly to do to get rid of boredom and stress. Work is crucial, so is your body and mind.


We are Global Knitwear, a popular sleepwear wholesaler in the USA. Your search for a trusted robes wholesaler in the USA ends here.


Our nightwear range is a reward for those women who work hard each day tirelessly. If you are one of them, we are delighted to take things to the next level. We believe in our satisfaction which can only be achieved with your happiness. Once you have transacted with us, there’s no looking back.


Highlights of our product range:


Your ideal bath companion


Break the barriers that are holding you back. A soothing shower or bath will cleanse your body and mind and invigorate it with aura. Take a bath and hop into an aesthetic robe that hugs your body for enhanced warmth. Feel light and free from all kinds of burdens with our women’s bathrobes.


Time to hit the snooze button


After having a shower or bath, it’s time to change into comfy sleepwear for a peaceful night. Getting sound sleep is the first step towards leading a happy and fulfilled life. The best part about our nightwear range is that it features a wide array of products. From the custom cozy night suits to premium nightdresses and lounge pants, we have got you covered.


Step into better quality Zzzzz today! Order a premium item from our collection and sleep like a baby.

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