Supply Chain

  • We do easy supply chain from manufacturing till the delivery of the garments
  • Our team provide step to step verification of default and quality check on every stage of manufacturing .
  • Our team is easily available to the client for easy interaction for the supply chain
  • We value the privacy of the customers

Build trust through supply chain transparency

Supply Chain Solutions allow businesses to access and exchange complex information from multiple data sources to gain visibility into their supply chain.

Trace your supply chain from end-to-end and order-to-order

Traceability solution allows users to track cotton and other raw materials going into their products.

  • Easily, securely and privately share information from a range of data sources via APIs.
  • Trace order flow throughout your supply chain.
  • Provide stakeholders with proof of sustainability and provenance across your portfolio.
  • Manage supply chain risk and collect data for compliance needs.

Visualise your entire supply chain

we are currently working on supply chain solutions to solve your biggest challenges, including…

  • Traceability and provenance
  • Supply chain visibility and upstream mapping
  • Tracking sustainability and ESG commitments
  • Risk assessment and regulatory or customs compliance

Supply Chain Solutions lights up the entire supply chain

A secure, private, and neutral platform

Data sources are updated in real time

Suppliers have ownership over their data and control over who sees what

Customs, regulators, auditors and brands have the visibility they need

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